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How to Create a Voice Over Career

All Coaching is Online Via Zoom

What You Will Learn

How to Begin Your Voice Over Acting Career from Scratch  No confusion here, we will begin at the starting line and take you through each step of the journey.

Training  Do you need it or do you just need your own great voice?  A fun and interactive class.  You will have the opportunity to read a variety of voice over copy.

The Home Studio  What kind of equipment and how much space do you need?  How do you set it up? Is it affordable?  How do you make your own recordings? 

Demos, Headshots, and Resumes 
Your toolbox. What type of demo do you need? How do you create it? Who do you go to?  Do you need a headshot? How do you build a resume?



Agents and Casting Directors  Ok, now that you have your tools, what do you do with all of your demos, headshots, resumes and all this talent?  The agent… where do you find one.  How do you find one?  Do you even need an agent?

The Audition and the Job  Taking the mystery out. What’s it like?  Who are all these people?  What do you do?  How do you prepare?  If you book the job, what should you expect?  No need to fear, we will take you through the excitement and the many stages of a typical audition and booking.

Technology and Marketing  Websites, Social Networking and Your Voiceover Business  Do you need a Website?  What is the best way to market your talent?  Do you need a Blog or to be on Facebook or Twitter?  Should you be creating your own website or find  someone who will?

“It was a pleasure to work with you! You’re a great teacher, and even in our short time together, I now know so much more than I did going in. I truly appreciate the help! Thank you!”


Who is it for?

If you are ready to commit to setting up your Voice Over career as a business

If you are ready to devote your time to training and developing your Voice Over skills on a daily basis

If you are looking to find out if a Voice Over career is right for you

Training is customized according to your level and your needs

We offer private coaching, semi-private and group sessions

Free 20 minute consultation

Free 15 minute Consultation available

+1 (212) 520-8254